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Members are the integral part of the system and it is very useful to make them comfortable and knowledgeable .

Register Online

Online facility is available to send a membership request. For further process, the request is send to relative to department.

Join Organization

This section facilitates to understand the type of membership offered by this organization.

Member Directory

It is very necessary to keep contacts of every member of the organization and to make it simple one can contact a member by his phone number or email address through the Directory.

Label Printing

One single click can print out Address Labels of all club members. Also, it is important to print label of All Presidents and Secretaries in the District/Area Officers. This can be done in a single click on Just print -> Cut -> Stick.

Ready Recknor

Since all members have access, Ready Reckoner is always up-to- date with the information.

About Organization

It gives complete information of the organization and explains the purpose of working.

Presidential Desk

It stores the general information of the President and his planning for the organization during his tenure. Even the past precedent data is also available for the guidance.

Committee Members

This sections stores the general information of the authorized members.

Organization Members

The general information about every member of the organization is stored under the Organization Members link.

Origination Chart

Tabular view of Organization chart is available with the department head & details with vertical & horizontal display option.

Download resources

The organization requires some or the other information while doing anything or everything. To make the data accessible at one click, it is stored under the download resources link.

Useful links

Knowing the importance of data, RUHA gives a special menu named Useful Links in which the useful data needed by the organization is stored.


Social understanding between each other is a key role. RUHA Enterprise ensures this social section.


The social occasions planned by the organization are Events. Members need to register their presence for the events.


News link helps to get necessary updates at first click. News is presented in various ways such as Online news, Printed media, Media news.


The past things done by organization are termed as Activities.

Photo Gallery

Visual information is captured and stored easily. So, photo gallery stores the pictures of the events and activates under user defined headings.


Appreciation for the achievements boost up the interest and energy of a member to work. Awards section stores the general information of the prize holders with their photographs and the category in which they hold the reward.


Now-a- days settlement means having a job. In this hectic schedule, one can easily find a job just while scrolling through the application. Users can also place requirements of the vacant placement.

Event Calendar

This calendar highlights the dates of the events that are going to be organized by the organization.

Live Twitter Feed

With the Username & Password one can show live feed from Twitter to our web site.

Live Face book Feed

With the Username & Password one can show live facebook post update to our website.


Communication plays a vital role in any organization and this section truly gives justice to it.

Bulk SMS

One can send SMS through transaction payment gateway to all register members as per requirement.

Bulk Email

Bulk Email is a simple way of sending mails to inform every member of the organization about anything in a second.

Community Notice Board

Various announcements about different things or events are displayed on the Community Notice Board.

News Latter

Periodic communication through news latter can be archive here and viewed by all website visitors.


The writings of the members can be published through the blogs section. It is a place where other members can know about another userís visualization.


The members should get a platform to share their opinions towards the organization. Feedback helps by sharing the platform for the members.

Front Page Ticker

Ticker will be displayed on front page as important information. Also, it can lead to concern page to give more information.

Regional Language

One can select multiple INDIAN languages as an input in to system & it gets displayed as per the entered data.

Connect With Us

From this section, any departmental communication with the Organization or with the respective contact person will be done.

Locate Us

It is the club locator that gives detail about Google map location, communication details like contact number, email & website. Also, it facilitates for communication details such as to connect the committee member.


User can advertise about anything on the webpage and app of the organization. Also, the organization can get paid for displaying advertisements on their page and learn about the visitors count report.

Automated Features

These are a few automated features of RUHA .

Birthdays/ Anniversaries

RUHA has a specialized calendar which notifies birthdays and marriage anniversaries of the members. Wishing all members on such occasions develops a friendly and healthy environment to work.


The announcements regarding the activities and the events get popped up when the user opens the application through their cell phone.

Club Administration

We simplify most of the book works and now the administrators of the clubs have more time to concentrate on fruitful club activity communication management.

User Based System

We can create multiple user as per required link access for batter data entry point.

Standard Dashboard

System activity dashboard helps to look in to the system at a glance.

Reporting Dashboard

District and club wise reporting statically data can be viewed through reporting dashboard.

Define Activity Reporting

You can decide Head, sub head & parameter for reporting.

Define Report Assessment

As per criteria for casement you can give access to particular authority to access report.

Define Organization Structure with Designation

As per designation you can define authority for display.

Change Scroll Images Access for Front Page

As per happening in to the Organization, you can change a front scroll image with description.

Define Membership Type Payment Structure, Fees

For new expected members, it is easy to understand what type of membership is available and how you can get connected with organization.

Update/Import Member Profile

You can import member data from your existing database or you can update individual member information.

Send Close Group Notification

You can create your own group for sending information from admin side for individual communication.

Add activity

Club , district level activity can be added to the system.

Add Event

Club, district level event can be added to the system with payment gateway integration ticket generation.

Add Resource

You can add multiple resources with malty file type.

Every Club & Club Officers will Have a Login

All officers will get separate login as per his requirement.

Define Awards

We can define monthly, yearly award function &will get displayed on the front page of the website.

Define Job Opening

We can define current opening which will be displayed on front page. Also, it will be possible to upload resume & get to respective person.

Import member

Any given source in xls format can be imported into system for start system immigrate course of time.