RUHA – Connecting Enterprise

Organizations with high level of employee engagement also have a greater level of share value. RUHA has the power to develop employee engagement by offering an exclusive, common platform to the large organizations. It is designed to impact your organization’s work culture, retention and even outcome.

You may or may not know that about 30% employees connect in all the activities, events and programs – it means rest 70% employees are not engaged in all these things. An organization can connect each employee in a relevant and momentous way on RUHA. It aligns the employees with the mission, principals and objectives. Without clear alignment, it is difficult for employees to understand what their company stands for and what makes it special.

With RUHA, you can regularly share company updates, events, activities and programs on a common platform that is accessible to all the employees. Sharing messages, creating online commitment plans, broadcasting news, celebrating achievements and tracking actions is easy and interesting with RUHA and it eventually helps in achieving company goals.

Our advance application works on real-time data and has inbuilt intelligent privacy features to improve staff experience. Being a business owner or a part of the management team, you gain the authority and flexibility to adapt your employee engagement program for the enlargement of your organization.

RUHA focuses on

    • Bridge the gap between employees and company
    • Improve effective, productive internal communication
    • Empower employees with appreciation
    • Connects teams and team members
    • Discover what takes employee engagement