The Features

Equipped with unparalleled features, RUHA is a genius mobile app for your organization that enables you to monitor,
evaluate and pick up the engagement.


Members are the integral part of the system and it is very useful to make them comfortable and knowledgeable.


Social understanding between each other is a key role. RUHA Enterprise ensures this social section.


Communication plays a vital role in any organization and this section truly gives justice to it.

Automated Features

There are a few automated features of RUHA such as Birthdays/ Anniversaries,Announcements.

Club Administration

We simplify most of the book works and now the administrators of the clubs have more time to concentrate on fruitful club activity communication management.


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Earning respect for leadership

Let everyone learn more, dream more, do more and achieve more


Building company pride

Take your company to the next echelon to be proud on


Building a positive culture

Influence the way your employees think, act and cooperate


Employee engagement matters

Supercharge employee productivity and intensification of your firm


Work that matters

Focus on what that matters for your performance, and growth, success


Bridging the Engagement Gap

A platform that bridges the gap between employees and company


Engagement Mobile App

Transform the way your employees interact, work and accomplish


Cloud is a Future

Utilize cloud computing for digital future of your business


Our Skills

Unmatched communication, complete trust, high-visibility and utter dedication – this is what we are known for!









RUHA Capablity

Build great communication with your employees with RUHA to take your business to the next level

Expand your social circle, know your social enterprise and each other better with RUHA
Enhance internal communication and boost healthy competition between different branches of your business

A Few of Our Customers

We're here to be inspired ,have fun and to make clients from all around the world connected.

Our satisfied clientele base enables us to be better

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Corporate Event

Indivisual Profile

The International Association of Lions Clubs


Sports Event

Sports Individuals


Associate Partners

Oomas as AFRICA Partner

Payment Gateway Associates

Digital Media Associates

Content Writing Associate

Design Associate

Hosting Partner

Email Security Partner

Security Partner

Questions Our reps have answers

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